Welcome to uxcat.com, a personal website for a range of projects, from creative to

Who is behind the site? The name is Damian, I am a professional digital marketer, hobbyist musician and

The topics on the site include

  • SEO tutorials: With over 15 years in the industry, I am starting to collate and publish some of my tutorial content, industry insights and more
  • Music musings and guitar modifications: As a hobbyist musician and wannabe luthier, I sometimes have ideas, thoughs or notes for projects that need a home
  • Local business: Apart from SEO, I also run a few small businesses, including digitsation and archiving services
  • Misc.: Anything else that doesn’t quite fit. This is an online noticeboard of sorts, and there aren’t many rules around here.

Have a read, and get in touch should you need anything…