Fixing Toontrack Superior Drummer installation problem on Mac (“Wrong DVD inserted”)

If you too have had this problem with Toontrack installations, I hope I can help by giving this information which i struggled to find.

Wrong DVD inserted

“Wrong DVD inserted. Could not parse the installer file. Please insert the first disk of your SDK library”

I did a bunch of research to figure out what was going on with my SUperior Drummer 2 installations, and couldn’t find much beyond a forum post that was locked because I didn’t have Superior Drummer 3.

  Superior Drummer 3 is required to read and reply to this thread.

“Superior Drummer 3 is required to read and reply to this thread.”

Side note: Locking down this content is very short-sighted by Toontrack, in my opinion. Firstly, it presents a terrible user experience. I have spent money with Toontrack not so long ago, and expect to be able to access their forums, despite what products of theirs I own. This isn’t even an issue specific to Superior Drummer 3.

Secondly, from a content marketing perspective, having these replies locked behind what essentially amounts to a pay-wall if very bad for their organic search marketing. Rant over.

Fixing the “Wrong DVD inserted” installation problem

I raised a ticket with Toontrack support, and waited a few days for a response before being told the reason for the problem, and the solution (something that shoudl be clearly published on their website).

“Currently with Catalina, the SD2.0 and SDX library cannot be installed from a download location that is anywhere within the your internal Downloads, Desktop or Documents folders or from an external drive.” – Toontrack support

Toontrack product manager: change download location

Following their steps, I was able to get the installation running and the studio back online shortly after starting the process:

  1. Open Tootrack product manager
  2. Open the preferences
  3. Change download location
  4. Click move downloads
  5. Complete your installations
  6. Click ‘Clean up’ to delete all installations files

Toontrack product manager disk clean up.png